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Full On-Site Service & DIY Options | We Supply and Support Australia Wide

At NewLook we offer a range of options to help you care, repair, and present your concrete. This includes:

  • Advice prior to purchase of quality products, as we can guide you on the best application approach and product options for your residential / commercial concrete project.

  • Full on-site service including the supply and application of products, by one of our experienced concrete technicians. We take care of it all, including full site prep, product application, and final sealant.

  • ‘Supply only’ of one or more of our concrete care products (suitable for those wishing to do a DIY approach).

Our colour products range from full colour block and stain (our Endura Solid Stain, with 18 colour options) through to our TiqueWash™ effect (with 16 colour options).

Choose Your Preferred Service

Full On-Site Service

This is our full end-to-end service, where our experienced concrete technicians turn up on site and take care of it all. This includes:

  • Initial assessment and recommendation of the most suitable product/s. Often done by phone with photos provided.
  • Preparing the site for colouring / staining, which often includes a full clean of the concrete surface, preparing it for the colour staining process .
  • Applying the colour stain to the surface and ensuring it is optimally applied for best results.
  • Completing the process with a sealant coat, which is normally completed the next morning.
  • Advising the homeowner/or business owner of their best care practices, to improve the longevity and the performance of the applied colour stain.
  • For our full-service clients, we leave with you 12 month’s supply of our high-quality concrete cleaner for you to apply monthly. This is supplied free of charge, as part of taking the full site service.

Do It Yourself Option

For many of our clients located throughout New Zealand, they are looking for a DIY approach that they can do themselves. 

We are very happy to provide call support and advice, plus supply the most appropriate products, to deliver the best outcome.

Simply contact us about your intended project and we can guide you through the process and supply our products. This often includes:

  • Our high-quality concrete cleaner.
  • A colour treatment product suitable to meet your project requirements, e.g. Solid StainStain EnhancerSmartColour™TiqueWash™
  • On call phone support as you progress through your DIY project.
  • Advice for post care treatment, and the option for you to purchase our high-quality concrete cleaner for ongoing care.

New Look’s coloured concrete products gives your concrete surfaces a stunning finish that lasts a long time.
They are completely opaque, extremely maintainable, breathable, and will not change the texture of the concrete.
All our concrete stains and colours are eco-friendly, water-based, non-acid, and non-acrylic

Choose Your Preferred Colour Option

Solid Stain

  • This is a full colour stain, which provides a full colour block, and enables you to switch from an existing colour to another.
  • If you are doing a strong changeout of colour, 2 or 3 coats may need to be applied.
  • Ideal to use when you want to achieve a full previous colour ‘blockout’ effect.
  • Choose from our 18 colour options.

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Stain Enhancer

  • Our Stain Enhancer restores a two-colour stain effect and is applied on top of a solid stain.
  • It’s normally applied as an additional step, on top of the Solid Stain.
  • It dries to a satin finish.
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use.
  • Comes in ‘ready to use’, so simply mix well before use.
  • Choose from our 20 colour options.

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  • Our most popular concrete colour product. Choose from our 28 colour options.
  • It is supplied as a ‘concentrate’. Simply dilute it with water, normally at a ratio of 4:1 or 3:1, to achieve your desired colour look.
  • Cost-wise, it’s a lower cost option than solid stain, and is easier to apply.
  • It requires a top coat/sealant coat to protect its finish.

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  • Ideal to use to restore the colour of faded concrete or to create an antique colour look for stamped concrete.
  • Ideal for creating a natural-looking, multi-toned finish on textured concrete surfaces.
  • It comes in powder form, and you simply mix it with water.
  • It requires a sealant coat to protect its finish.
  • Choose from our 16 colours.

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Overview of the Colour Treatment Process

The time taken to complete the concrete colour treatment process is normally about 2 days and involves the following key steps:

  • Step one: Cleaning the concrete. This can be simply done by using a water blaster to remove all dirt, to prepare concrete for the stain treatments.

  • Step 2: Staining the Concrete: Once cleaned, you can immediately commence the process of staining the concrete. There is no need to wait for the concrete to dry, you just don’t want to have large pools of water on the concrete.

  • Step 3: Sealer Coat Applied: The sealer is applied the next morning.

Availability to Use the Surface Once Treated

As a general rule, the concrete surface is able to be walked upon 4 hours after the sealant coat is applied. The concrete surface can take the weight of a car approximately 5 - 7 days after completing the process.

Full on-site service and DIY option for small and large sized projects.


All our products can be used for Residential or Commercial Use

All products provide excellent weathering and are colour fast


We supply and can provide the full on-site service Australia wide.

NewLook's concrete colour stains have been developed to enhance or address a range of concrete colour problems.
This includes including aged, discoloured, blotchy or stained concrete, wrong colours, failed acid-stain, and much more!

We provide a 10-year guarantee that the stain products will not peel or flake, by following our care programme.