Translucent Colour Enhancer™

  NewLook Translucent Colour Enhancer™ is a semi-transparent (non-solid) concrete colour stain, designed to be used over the NewLook Solid Colour Stain™ in a contrasting colour. The Translucent Colour Enhancer™ is NOT a paint. It is used to tint or enhance areas of relief or texture, stamped concrete surfaces to create an antiqued look. The Enhancer is also used to create a faux finish by blending and layering additional Translucent Colour Enhancer™ colours. It comes in a unique 3-part kit. For additional images of the Transparent Colour Enhancer™, visit the Photo Gallery.

The NewLook Colour Additive (available in each of the 80 standard Enhancer colours) contains additional pigment and allow customized tinting of the Translucent Colour Enhancer™ Stain. Simply add a Colour Additive to the same color of the Translucent Colour Enhancer™ for a more intense concentration of hue.
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The large size (16 oz.) kit covers approximately 300 - 600 square feet (28-56 square meters) and the small size (4 oz.) kit covers approximately 75 - 150 square feet (7-14 square meters)

A color chart is available here

NZ$ 5,555.00 excluding GST
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